Mission Statement – Darebin City Bowls Club Inc

The mission of the Club is to make lawn bowling available to the community and surrounding area allowing for any person to play this organised sport which emphasizes sportsmanship and social development of youth and adults while at the same time promoting competition and community spirit, to assist members to realise their full potential by offering programs for developing skills while fostering and safeguarding the sport.

Increase and attract new members by promoting the Club as a place where fun, friendship and camaraderie are fostered.

We will support new members by providing friendly and constructive coaching that will inspire them to play the game to the best of their ability and in doing so, “have fun”, continue to challenge and empower the Club’s members by encouraging them to attend and participate in tournaments ( home and away), Club events and all summer and winter activities.

Recognise and maintain the integrity and respect of the sport and that of its fellow members.